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  • FORBIDDEN - The Soulkeepers

    What happens when the powerful forces of Light and Dark fight for the same soul? What happens when debts are paid with flesh and a sacrifice is as simple as a kiss?

    A temperamental Guardian Angel, A captivating Demon, and Sophia St. James, the girl in the middle whose secret could destroy them all. more...

  • Avalina Jones

    Avalina Jones and The Eye of The Storm

    Kids who happen to be descendants of the most villainous and celebrated pirates of legend . . .
    Evil omens

    A ghostly Schoolship crewed by Humanta Rays and Octosapiens, and a kidnapped orphan who dares to unravel the ship’s secrets and claim a dangerous heritage uniquely her own. more...

  • Speakeasy

    Hollywood ~ 1922 A wildly ambitious den of iniquity where wicked young things prowl the streets in search of a good time, where the tawdry and the scandalous come to play, and the secrets and the dead come to stay.more...