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So excited to finally spend some time in NYC! My husband and I celebrated our 30th anniversary this July. We had a great time staying in Times Square, eating at fabulous local restaurants, kissing at the top of the Empire State Building, and touring most of the historical sites. We ducked into the Algonquin Hotel and looked for Dorthy Parker’s ghost! No luck so we had coffee instead. And of course we enjoyed a lovely carriage ride through Central Park.


The highlight had to be seeing our first Broadway show, Hamilton!! It was amazing and I highly recommend it! Also had the pleasure of visiting the Penguin Random House offices. A special moment for me.


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My first trip to NYC in July 2017  and I visited the 911 Memorial. It was remarkable. So well done and thoughtfully created. The wooden floors were selected to mute footsteps and as the river of people gently moved about, our footfalls were softened to allow us to hear the 911 calls of that fateful day playing throughout. I felt as though I were walking on hallowed ground. The items chosen for display, from a mangled fire engine to a high heeled shoe, were devastatingly personal and so real. Near the end of the tour it became too much and I was overcome with grief. I left with my heart aching and my eyes blurred. I have visited several memorials (Pearl Harbor, OKC Bombing) but this one was the most powerful and most difficult.


I hope today we take time to remember all those who were lost, the first responder heroes, and those brave men and women on Flight 93 in Pennsylvania.



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Adam’s (Unforgiven, 2015, etc.) debut paranormal YA romance, the first in her Soulkeepers trilogy, pits angels against demons as they war over souls in modern-day Connecticut.


Sophia St. James, 17, is still grieving the death of her mother when she and her father flee California (and Sophia’s abusive boyfriend) to start a new life in New England. Driving into the Connecticut town of Haven Hurst, Sophia witnesses a car accident and sees what apparently no one else can: an angel saving a life. On her first day of school, she learns that the angel she saw is a senior in her class named Michael Patronus. Sophia has lately been troubled by unexplainable visions and powerful emotions, but Michael and his brothers are unlike anything she’s ever experienced. Her gift of extrasensory perception gets a fresh jolt when a new set of brothers arrives, led by Dante, who ignites feelings of both familiarity and dread within her. Soon she’s embroiled in a deadly conflict between Guardians and Demon Knights, each armed with unique weapons and skills. Sophia is drawn to both Michael and Dante for reasons that she can’t fully comprehend—including some that involve past lives. The climactic scene takes place on Halloween in a haunted house where the horrors are real and the stakes are life and death.


The story moves swiftly, fueled by the forbidden romance that develops between Sophia and Michael, and the first-person narration lends Sophia’s account intimacy and immediacy. Vivid descriptions spice up the text, such as when a newly-minted teenage demon plays guitar before an unsuspecting crowd: “his fingers are spiders crawling over strings and frets.” At times, though, the dialogue can be distracting, as it targets YA audiences with trendy allusions such as “Faceboink” and contrivances such as “premature articulation” and “procrasturbating.” However, this classic story of good and evil will still catch and hold readers’ imaginations.


An action-packed, satisfying love story gets this supernatural series off to a rousing start.

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Finally! AWAKEN: A SOULKEEPERS NOVEL (#2) is on SALE wherever ebooks are sold!!



Just .99!


Yea!! *jumps for joy*


In a clash between heaven and hell, no one raises the heat like Spirit Walker Sophia and her Guardian Angel, Michael.”—Cecy Robson, award-winning author of the Weird Girls series


Awaken is as page-turning and sigh-inducing as Forbidden. I can’t wait to see what Lori Adams pulls off next!”—Cassie Mae, author of The Real Thing




I Love YA

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FORBIDDEN promotional Sale .99 wherever eBooks are sold


In honor of the FORBIDDEN (#1) sale, I thought we might like to hear from Michael. This is an interview from the blog tour for UNFORGIVEN (#3) but it gives a unique insight as to how Michael feels about Sophia. This was lots of fun and I’m wondering if I should do one for Dante as well . . .



FORBIDDEN: The Soulkeepers #1



Character Interview
“Please welcome Michael from Lori Adams’ Unforgiven to Diane’s Book Blog.”



What is your name? Do you have a nickname?


I am called Michael Patronus. I do not have a nickname in the human sense, but there are many titles to my existence: guardian angel, Soulkeeper, spirit warrior, Halo of the Son, and Grigori.


What is your hair color? Eye color?


I am as blonde as a lightning strike across the sun. My eye color reflects my moods; pale blue when I am at peace, a churning kaleidoscope of colors when I am called to save a soul, and dark indigo when I am . . . aroused.


How old are you?


As a human I am eighteen years old but I was born of light in the realm of countless days. I have no soul to age but my holy light is eternal when kept pure.


What is your biggest fear?
I have no fear save one: losing my soul mate, Sophia St. James. It was forbidden to love her, to submit to the forbidden human emotion of desire, but I had to have her. I fought and sacrificed to make her mine. I will destroy anyone and anything that tries to take her from me.


What or who is the greatest love of your life?


There is only one that I love beyond all others, Sophia St. James. She is part of my own soul, born from the powers of the unseen. We share heartbeats. We share souls.


Which living person do you most despise?


Despise is too soft a word for the depth of my hatred for the Demon of Persuasion, Dante Dannoso. Demon Knight Dante became my greatest enemy the moment he looked at Sophia. It is true he has loved Sophia for centuries, but his love is forged from greed, obsession, and jealousy. What he calls ‘love’ has nearly destroyed her countless times. By my holy vows, I will spend eternity protecting her from his demonic ‘love’.


Which living person do you most admire?


I am in awe of Sophia. She has an inner strength beyond compare. I have never seen another human like her. She faced horrible trials—demons and creatures sent to kill her—that would have brought most humans trembling to their knees. Sophia has changed a great deal since the day I met her. No longer lost and unsure, she has grown into a powerful warrior herself. She worked hard and became what she wanted most, a Spirit Walker. She is a leader of warriors. Heaven or Hell, I will follow wherever Sophia will go.

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I love to stock my To Be Read list with sizzling summer reads. Something paranormal, something mysterious, or maybe something funny? I always appreciate a great recommendation so feel free to email any suggestions.










What people are saying about The Soulkeepers


“Now that’s how you wrap up a story!”
ByJennifer Hines (Hines and Bigham’s Literary Tryst)on May 1, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
**4.5 Fiery Hearts!**


“Every twist and turn, every loose end including ones I never would have thought about, and every question I wanted to ask throughout the first two books is answered in Unforgiven.”


ByBooks by night, mommy by day “Books by night, mommy by day“on April 29, 2015
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
5+ stars!


” . . . sometimes I had to stop in admiration of how Ms. Adams was able to direct so many emotions in so many directions in so few pages. Her talent for writing about the true meaning of love – willing to risk your own life to save those you love – really shows true and hits the mark. This was an amazing end to an amazing series – I’m sad to see the end, but so pleased to have gotten to be on this awesome roller coaster of a series.”


What I’ve read so far, and recommend . . . The Girl on the Train. I listened to the audio book while flying from LAX to Maui. The story is set in England (which I happen to have a dreamy love affair with although I’ve never actually been). Told from three different female POV’s, I loved listening to the different accents of each character.

the girl on the train


Each narrator was unreliable and somewhat suspect, which I’m discovering I really like. This kind of device helps propel the mystery in a thriller. The characters here are especially REAL with real problems, disappointments, and secrets. I usually have a problem with stories with totally unlikable characters–and there aren’t really any here–but it worked for me. I had sympathy for Rachel but mostly I was irritated by her downward spiral and alcohol endused amnesia. This, of course, is crucial to the story and works brilliantly. Yes, I did feel a bit of Gone Girl creeping in but I like the ending of The Girl on the Train much better! (I didn’t have the urge to chuck my kindle across the room) Overall this is a great read.

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Don’t miss the epic conclusion to THE SOULKEEPERS SERIES!


Unforgiven - The Soulkeepers 3

What readers are already saying . . .


“A uniquely captivating and utterly compelling story”~By Tamara @ The Avid Book Collector


“Just when I thought that Lori Adams couldn’t possibly improve what was already perfection, she showed once again what an amazing writer she is by exceeding my expectations – and believe me, they were high. Unforgiven is so uniquely captivating and so utterly compelling I really had to struggle to put this book down. With tons of action, hot romance and characters you can’t help but love and love to hate, Unforgiven is a definite must read that I would highly recommend to any fans of paranormal romance.”


“This series is a beautifully written story of light vs dark, good vs evil, and of two loves, one tragic and one destined. The books must be read in order so if you haven’t started the series yet, settle in and start at the beginning. You’re in for the ride of your life.”~Carol, Goodreads


Wherever ebooks are sold.

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Plain Talk Book Marketing was so kind to invite me to be a Guest Blogger during the UNFORGIVEN blog tour! Here’s how it went . . .





Plain Talk (writing a trilogy) with Lori Adams

Today I thought I could do some serious Plain Talking about the writing process.


Every writer was a newbie once, and every writer has things they wished they’d known or done before it was too late. Or at least things that would have helped the process run smoother.


I’ve been developing my craft for some years now (always wishing I had started sooner) and am constantly learning new styles, techniques, and do’s and don’ts. I studied English Lit and Shakespeare in college but must admit that I am a self-taught writer. To this day I cringe thinking about college essay assignments. Something about being forced to write on a certain topic felt strangely stifling. I won’t say I didn’t learn a thing or two, but writing a short, confining essay was like a trip to the dentist.


Which leads me to the topic of the day: plain talk about writing a trilogy.


There is a certain amount of faith you must have in yourself to tackle writing a trilogy your first time out. As a paranormal romance, my debut novels involved heavy world building, tons of research, and roughly 288, 300, to 400 pages respectively. I can’t help it; I think big.


My editor thought she bought a single title with ‘possible’ sequels but I knew it had to be three books. I had already envisioned the ending. She said to put it all in one book and I thought Gah! I can’t do that! Lucky for me, she agreed (after hearing the full idea) and, as it turned out, the entire storyline filled up every bit of three books! In one phrase of ‘let’s do it’, the single title of Soulkeepers expanded into The Soulkeepers Series: Forbidden, Awaken, and Unforgiven.


So many of my non-writer friends tell me they can’t imagine writing a novel. I tell them I can’t imagine not writing one.


So, the first Plain Talk suggestion is: do not underestimate the demand for self-discipline. Huge amounts of self-discipline! If you have no contract and no real deadline, it’s all you. So I would suggest creating an artificial deadline. Be realistic. Set a goal based on how many words you can write per day.


Next, if you are serious about writing, take your writing seriously. Don’t view it as a hobby but as a career. And then act accordingly.


Third, find beta readers, people who will tell you the honest truth about your work. And listen to them! Heed their warnings and seriously consider any problems or holes they find in your writing or storyline.


Finally, once you’ve ‘finished’ your novel, put it away for a month and then read it with fresh eyes. I read somewhere that Stephen King puts his away for an entire year! I don’t have the patience for that so maybe somewhere in the middle will work. Read it objectively. Whatever you trip over, fix. Whatever doesn’t make sense, change. Be your own editor. If you want it bad enough, you’ll get there. Someone once told me, the best advise on writing they ever heard was simply . . . get your butt in the chair. Sounds like a great start to me.


Read more and enter to win #Giveaway at Plain Talk Book Marketing here


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Final schedule for the UNFORGIVEN blog tour beginning APRIL 13, 2015









Giveaways, excerpt, interviews, Q & A



At Tasty Book Tours!


Don’t Miss The Explosive Conclusion Of THE SOULKEEPERS SERIES

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The UNFORGIVEN Blog Tour is packed with 27 stops, excerpts, interviews, #giveaways, author chats, and Q&A!



Here is the lineup so far . . .        Unforgiven - The Soulkeepers 3



Tasty Book Tour Schedule for UNFORGIVEN



April 13th- Diane’s Book Blog- Ch Int/P
(Stop 2) For Whom the Books Toll- GP/P
April 14th-Between the Lines- Rev/P
April 15th- Reader Girls- GP/P
April 16th- Plain Talk BookMarketing- GP/P
April 17th- Born to Read Books- Promo

April 20th- Those Crazy Book Chicks- P/Exc
(Stop 2) Books Need TLC- Rev/P
April 21st- Angel’s Guilty Pleasures- GP/P/Exc
April 22nd- Deanna’s World- Int/P
April 23rd-Penny for Them…- Rev/P/Exc
April 24th- BB’s Book Reviews & Promotions- P/Exc

April 25th- A Dream Within a Dream- P/Exc

April 27th- TJ Loves to Read- Rev/P
April 28th- Christine’s Words- Int/P
(Stop 2) Lisa’s Research & Reviews- Rev/P/Exc
April 29th-Books By Night, Mommy by Day- Int/P
(Stop 2) The Crafty Engineer’s Book Shelf- Rev/P
April 30th- Tome Tender- Rev/P
May 1st- Simply Ali- Int/P

May 2nd- T&L Book Reviews- Rev/P/Exc

May 4th- Silk & Serif – Rev/Exc
(Stop 2) Making It Happen- Rev/P
May 5th- Karen’s Killer Book Bench- P/Exc
May 6th- The Avid Book Collector- Rev/P/Exc
May 7th- Written Love Reviews- Rev/Exc
May 8th- Reading in Wonderland- Promo


For more info go to #TastyBlookTours

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