Early Praise For Forbidden

Posted by , in Blog, Uncategorized category March 11, 2014

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Simply put… This book was amazing! Not only was it captivating, but it was intriguing as well. From the very beginning, Ms. Adams managed to managed to craft a storyline that was for the most part, well paced and chock full of sexual angst…At times, the emotions flowing amongst the love triangle consisting of Michael, Sophia, and Dante was so thick that you could almost cut it with a knife…
Not only were the characters well developed, but the paranormal elements were awesome as well.Other than that, my only issues with the book was a small amount of lag between the 65%-83% mark, and the absolute sheer stupidity that Sophia managed to display during one of the pivotal moments in the story.In my opinion, Ms. Adams has managed to start her series off right,and I am looking forward to either pre-ordering the sequel “Awaken” or “1-Clicking” it, once it is released.

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