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FORBIDDEN on sale NOW!! Woop Woop!


   RELEASE DAY! Forbidden: The Soulkeepers by Lori Adams  




I can’t believe this day has finally arrived! It’s a walking on air kind of day never to be repeated. There is only one debut novel for a writer, and I’m so happy that mine is Forbidden, a story very close to my heart.


Several years ago when I first began writing Forbidden, I had no idea that the paranormal genre was so popular. Big surprise on me! But what got me even more was the never-ending interest in the particular theme of Angels. (So it’s not just me :D)



There are few things that have captured and sustained my imagination more than Angels.


When we’re little, Angels are often seen as that soft idea hovering around our peripheral beliefs. Those chubby cherubs with doughy skin and serene expressions that must mean Angels are peaceful and made of downy pillows. That’s all well and good when we’re young, but it’s later when we discover how passionate and volatile and yes, even how violent they can be, that our interest really peaks. I mean, how cool is it to have an Angel of God ready to draw a sword to defend us?


Stories of Angels predate the Hebrew book of Genesis, the Christian bible, and have been found in early Sumerian texts. All across the globe, in religions, mythologies, and lore, different cultures speak of hauntingly similar beings, these divine helpers who have many names: guardian spirits, spirit guides, divine helpers, benevolent spirits, spirit messengers, etc. No matter the culture, whether they are avatars in Hinduism or devas in Buddhism, these beings are believed to come from the unseen world around us. Some are protectors who make us feel safe, guides who lead the way when we’re lost, or messengers who deliver the word of God.


But Angels are also known for their passion. Not only do they fire the imagination and inspire great works of art, they can be terrifying beings that evoke fear. They make war amongst themselves. They cast out their enemies—fallen angels—and send them to the fires of hell. They break the rules and make love to humans. They turn dark and vengeful. But most of all, they are driven to extreme measures by whatever passion they follow. Whether dark or light, blessed or fallen, their enemies are the most powerful enemies of all—each other.


It’s this passion, this ideology of Angels having free will, that I put to the test in The Soulkeepers Series. Michael Patronus, a guardian angel named after his namesake the archangel Michael, is torn between his love for a human girl and his guardian vows.


Before Sophia St. James arrived in Haven Hurst, Michael had a clear path. He would answer his call of duty to save souls while working to join heaven’s elite team of warriors, the Halos of the Son. But Michael soon realizes that Sophia has stirred forbidden emotions in him. He is tormented by his cravings, his need to make love to her. He recognizes that she is unique, that they share a bond that is both terrifying and arousing.


First and foremost, Michael is an Angel with extreme passions, extreme desires. So what extreme measures will he use to get what he wants?


Find out in the first installment of The Soulkeepers.


Forbidden, on sale now!!

R HOuse

Random House


Barnes and Noble


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